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Breast Augmentation Topics

Our site offers the following resources for planning your breast augmentation procedure.

When it comes to plastic surgery, year after year the number one procedure for American women is breast augmentation. Phoenix and Scottsdale women are among the millions of U.S. women who have chosen breast augmentation to increase their breast size and bring balance to their figures.

Dr. Robert Cohen is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers Phoenix and Scottsdale women breast augmentation with implants using innovative, leading-edge techniques. His intensive training and refined skills produce beautiful, natural looking results that have earned him an international clientele.

Request a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Cohen and learn why you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast specialist for your breast augmentation.

Dr. Robert Cohen: Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

For your breast enhancement procedure, you deserve a specialist with years of experience and dedicated focus on his patients' results.

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Breast Augmentation from Dr. Cohen

Breast augmentation surgery is so much more involved than simply making the breasts bigger. I communicate very openly with women considering breast augmentation at my practice and thoroughly discuss the numerous considerations that are critical to an excellent outcome. I believe that this individualized approach is essential, and is part of the reason patients travel from across the country and abroad for breast augmentation at my practice.

One of the first discussions I like to have with women involves their goals and expectations from breast augmentation. Some women would like a breast size that is in better proportion to the rest of their body. Other women would like to restore volume that was lost after childbearing, and may also benefit from a breast lift. Still others are unhappy with the shape of their breasts, or may need to address breasts of different sizes (asymmetry). Whatever their motivation, I listen carefully to these women and work with them to determine the best approach for their surgery.

Other considerations such as implant size, shape, and type, as well as incision placement, are often influenced by a woman's anatomy. I take into consideration the woman's body type, the size and shape of her chest and ribcage, the quality of her skin, and the amount of existing breast tissue before I make a recommendation.

I am also one of a select group of surgeons trained to use Strattice™ for breast enhancement procedures. The skilled use of Strattice (an acellular dermal matrix) can help to provide coverage for the implant and add additional support while creating a smoother and more natural appearance in patients with thin skin or weaker tissues. If I feel Strattice would be helpful in a particular patient's situation, I will incorporate this topic into our overall discussion.

Ultimately, I draw from my training with some of the world's best cosmetic breast surgeons and my extensive surgical experience to help each individual woman achieve her ideal breast appearance. For some, this means a moderate size increase, for others it is more dramatic, but in each case I work meticulously to assure that results are beautiful and natural looking.

Request a consultation to hear more about breast augmentation from Dr. Cohen, a board-certified plastic surgeon and internationally recognized authority on breast procedures.

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