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Breast Augmentation Topics

Our site offers the following resources that may help you when making breast implant decisions.

When choosing breast implants, Phoenix and Scottsdale women need to carefully consider the wide range of options available today. In addition to the choice between silicone gel filled implants and saline filled implants, there are also different shell surfaces, shapes, widths and projections. Each of these factors will have an impact on breast augmentation outcome, so it is important to be well informed. As one of the nation's premier cosmetic breast surgeons, Dr. Cohen has the experience and training to guide his patients in making the best choices for beautiful, natural looking results.

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Dr. Robert Cohen: Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Breast Implant Selection with Dr. Cohen

My goal as a board-certified plastic surgeon and cosmetic breast specialist is to provide the professional guidance women need when planning their breast augmentation in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. Breast implants come in many forms, and my extensive experience in this area helps me to determine which implant and surgery technique will best achieve a woman's desired outcome. Final decisions and adjustments are always made in the operating room for the highest level of accuracy.

Saline or Silicone?

FDA recommendations state that women age 18 and older can choose saline breast implants, and women age 22 and older also have the choice of implants filled with silicone gel. In certain circumstances, patients between the ages of 18 and 22 may use silicone implants as well. The new silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue, yet are solid and hold their shape even in the case of rupture. Saline implants are more prone to rippling or wrinkling, and will deflate immediately if ruptured. Saline implants are less expensive than silicone, but in my opinion this cost savings is minimal when factored out over a 10 to 15 year period. When my patients from Scottsdale and Phoenix ask which breast implants I would choose, I recommend silicone gel for the most natural result. However, my experience and training allow me to achieve an excellent result with either type of implant.

Textured or Smooth Shell?

The shell is the outer surface of the implant that encases the filler material. Women can choose between a textured (rough) shell and a smooth one. In the past, I preferred to use smooth shell implant (Mentor MemoryGel) because they looked and felt more natural, typically lasted longer, and had the fewest disadvantages. Recently, the FDA approved new, more cohesive, textured silicone gel implants (the "Gummy Bear" implants) by a company called Sientra, which I feel are excellent implants as well.

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Charles Randquist in Stockholm, Sweden, who is one of the world experts with textured implants. I was extremely impressed with his long–term results using textured round and textured anatomical implants. Since that trip, I have been trending more towards the use of textured implants as I believe, in certain patients, they maintain their position in the chest better over time. As of now, the smooth, round silicone implants made by Mentor still have more size and shape variations, so for patients with asymmetry or those seeking certain post–surgical looks, I am still fond of these implants. Since I have a full range of each type of implant in my operating room, I can select what I feel will work best for each individual patient based on their unique needs and anatomy.

Implant Profile

This is an important choice that is determined by personal preference and individual anatomy. The profile – low, moderate, moderate–plus, and high profile – refers to the amount of projection the implant achieves. Lower profile implants are wider and flatter, while the higher profile implants are narrower and project more from the chest wall. An excellent aesthetic breast surgeon takes into consideration the patient's chest diameter, the width of the breasts, skin elasticity and the desired outcome when selecting the appropriate profile. The importance of a surgeon’s experience, training, and aesthetic sensibility is highlighted here. Each woman is unique, and I offer a wide range of shapes and sizes for this reason.

Round or Teardrop Shaped?

With breast augmentation surgery, my goal is always to create a natural, aesthetically pleasing result. For some patients, this includes more fullness in the upper pole of the breast, while other patients prefer a more gradual slope in the upper breast with the fullness primarily in the lower breast. The preoperative appearance of the breast and ribcage also have an impact on the final appearance of the breasts.

For patients who prefer a fuller look to the upper chest and cleavage, round implants generally work best. For those wanting a softer upper breast appearance, I can often still get a very natural look with round implants. The vast majority of cases on my website photo gallery have round implants, which demonstrates the versatility of these devices.

For patients who prefer a very soft or sloped upper breast, but have naturally rounder breasts or fuller upper chest ribcages, anatomically (teardrop) shaped devices, which are thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom, can be very helpful in achieving the best appearance.

For the best final result, I feel that a discussion with the patient about aesthetic goals, and a detailed physical examination help me assess whether a round or anatomical implant is better for each specific case.

Beautiful, Natural Looking Results

In general, I like to use implant "sizers" during surgery to assure the best size, shape, and symmetry. These are temporary implants that show what the final outcome will look like. Although my preoperative plan gives me an excellent idea of what size and contour will look best, the sizers allow me to view my patients from various angles and achieve the best possible result. This extra effort adds a few minutes to the surgery time, but, in my opinion, it can help me increase the quality, symmetry and beauty of the final results.

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