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Our site offers the following resources related to your recovery and results after breast lift.

In all of the excitement surrounding your cosmetic surgery, it can be easy to put off thinking about your recovery from breast lift. Scottsdale and Phoenix women who choose Dr. Robert Cohen for their breast enhancement surgery will be fully informed. He makes a point of thoroughly discussing realistic expectations for recovery and results, so that they are fully prepared and informed. Although most of his patients are pleasantly surprised by their recovery and results, Dr. Cohen believes that a careful and conservative approach has helped him to earn the trust of satisfied patients from throughout the Southwest and the nation.

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Dr. Robert Cohen: Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Your Recovery & Results from Dr. Cohen

With so many plastic surgeons competing for your business, it has become more and more common to promise a speedy or pain-free recovery from breast lift surgery. I believe that this is unfair to the patient and that it underplays the significance of this surgical procedure. To achieve and enjoy the beautiful results you want from your breast lift, it is necessary to take enough time to recover and follow my detailed postoperative instructions. Once you've gotten this far in the process of achieving your aesthetic goals, it would be a shame to risk your health and results by rushing your recovery.

If you do office work, I recommend taking a week off in order to recuperate from your surgery. If you have a more physical occupation, I may recommend more time off from work. You will need a chaperone for the first 24 hours. This person will drive you home from your surgery and care for you overnight. In addition, your chaperone will help you to get up and walk around at least 3 to 5 times on the day of your surgery to help with circulation and decrease the risk of blood clots in your legs. You will be advised to continue to take these types of short walks until you are generally up and around. You will probably use your prescription pain medication for a few days, tapering off gradually at your discretion.

You will come in for an office visit on the day following your surgery. I will advise you as to when your steri-strips can be removed (typically a week after surgery) as well as when you can shower (usually 48 hours following surgery). I do not recommend bathing or swimming for at least 4 to 6 weeks following surgery.

As with many surgeries, compression helps with comfort and healing. Breast lift patients will wear a sports-type surgical bra for approximately one week. You may switch to another soft bra after that time, although underwire bras are restricted for the first 4 to 6 months. These types of bras can cause skin problems if the wire rubs on the underside of the breast before the blood supply and nerves have become fully re-established.

Even though you may feel great, you must limit your physical activity for the first several weeks to avoid tearing muscles or any injury that causes bleeding. You should not lift anything heavier than one or two pounds for at least 2 weeks following your surgery. You may very gradually increase your lifting capacity after that point, but use caution and common sense. I tell my patients that they can resume light, low impact exercise after approximately 3 to 4 weeks, and unrestricted exercise can be eased into starting at the 6-week point.

If you are considering breast augmentation with your breast lift, you may also want to read my breast augmentation recovery & results information.

The scars from breast lift surgery will fade from pink to white over a period of several months to years, depending on your skin type. If you are particularly concerned about raised scars, I will discuss other options for improving scar outcome.

At your final preoperative appointment, I will go through your detailed postoperative instructions with you and answer all of your questions. In addition, my staff and I will stay in close contact with you in the days and weeks following your breast lift, and we are always happy to help in any way we can.

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