Breast Reduction Techniques

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Women seeking breast reduction in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area may be unaware of all of the different surgical techniques available today. A board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Cohen is trained in the latest techniques and uses them in customizing the best approach to your breast reduction. Patients from throughout the U.S. come to Dr. Cohen for breast reduction and the confidence that comes with choosing a highly trained breast surgery specialist.

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Breast Reduction Techniques from Dr. Cohen

A breast reduction involves so much more than just making large breasts smaller. A properly performed breast reduction creates breasts and nipples that are smaller and more aesthetically shaped and positioned.

Breast reduction typically involves a circumareolar incision, which follows the border of the areola (the circle of more darkly pigmented skin around the nipple), and a vertical incision down the underside of the breast. In some cases, it is necessary to add a breast fold incision. Through these incisions, I remove excess fat, breast tissue and skin. I then re-contour the breast mound to a rounder, more aesthetic shape. The breast is also elevated to a more youthful position, along with the nipples, which I typically reduce as part of the surgery. It is important to note that the nipples remain attached at all times and blood supply, ducts, and nerves remain intact. I maintain much of the breast tissue in the upper, middle part of the breast to ensure excellent shape and cleavage, while debulking the excess tissue in the lower and outer parts of the breast.

Many women who come to me for breast reduction are concerned about the scars that result from this surgery. I am able to ease their minds by discussing my specialized training in the area of scar minimizing techniques for breast reduction surgery. I trained with some of the world's leading breast reduction innovators in techniques including an updated version of the "vertical" or "Lejour" breast reduction, which eliminates the breast fold incision. Some women may be candidates for a minimal scar breast reduction using liposuction. Others may be suited for the innovative laser-assisted technique, which I refined during my fellowship with Dr. Grant Stevens, the acclaimed Los Angeles plastic surgeon who developed this approach.

Women who have overly large, heavy breasts need a highly trained and skilled plastic surgeon to customize their procedure using the latest techniques. I spend a great deal of time getting to know my patients and listening to their goals and concerns so that I can provide this level of customization. I will make a recommendation as to the best approach for achieving a beautiful, balanced result. However, I work with each patient to make sure that her personal wishes and expectations for her surgery are met – and even exceeded.

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