Revision Breast Surgery (Corrective)

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the United States. Although the rate of patient satisfaction with this procedure is as high as ever, some women wish to revise their results with corrective surgery. Dr. Robert Cohen has earned a reputation throughout Scottsdale for his breast augmentation revision experience. He works hard to give women the beautiful, natural-looking breasts that they sought from their initial surgeries.

Request a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Cohen and learn why you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast specialist for your breast revision.

Dr. Robert Cohen: Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

For your breast enhancement procedure, you deserve a specialist with years of experience and dedicated focus on his patients' results.

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Breast Augmentation Revision from Dr. Cohen

Many women come to me feeling discouraged about the results of a breast augmentation performed by another surgeon. They may be concerned by visible wrinkling or rippling, excessive scar tissue formation, or asymmetry. In other cases, changes that result in the need for revision, such as such as sagging, implant rupture, or simply the desire to change implant size or material take place well after the initial surgery.

Revision breast surgery in my Scottsdale practice is far more technically challenging than the initial breast augmentation for several reasons. The presence of scar tissue, changes in the breasts and chest wall anatomy, and compromised skin quality are all issues that are not present at the time of the initial surgery. Many revision patients have undergone multiple breast surgeries and may feel that they have run out of options.

I get numerous referrals for this more complex surgical procedure as it requires specialized technical training and a unique skill set. I enjoy the challenge of revision surgery and the often life-changing results my patients are able to achieve. I now teach a course on revision breast surgery to hundreds of plastic surgeons at the national ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), as well as teaching courses at other national meetings.

Whether a woman's motivation for corrective surgery is undesirable side effects or a simple change of heart, my breast augmentation revision patients are overjoyed to finally get the results they always wanted.

To learn more about this complex but fulfilling procedure, review the surgical techniques Dr. Cohen uses and what to expect from your recovery and results.

You can also request a consultation to meet with Dr. Cohen, a board-certified plastic surgeon and leader in the field of cosmetic breast surgery.

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