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Women who are contemplating revisionary breast surgery have a lot to consider, and most patients are curious about the recovery period and their anticipated long-term results. Dr. Robert Cohen's primary concerns are the safety and comfort of his Scottsdale breast augmentation revision patients. When a surgery goes smoothly, favorable and long-lasting results are more likely — and patient satisfaction increases.

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Your Recovery & Results from Dr. Cohen

Revisionary breast surgery is a demanding procedure. Although some parts of the surgical process can be similar to that of primary breast augmentation, there are many more factors at play including scar tissue, stretched or misshapen breast pockets, poor skin quality, among other issues. Each surgery is unique, and your own recovery experience will be largely dependent on the specifics of your procedure. In reality, breast revision is more similar to breast reconstruction than primary augmentation.

It's important to give yourself plenty of time to heal at home before going back to work, the gym, or your other daily activities. Many patients can benefit from 1 week off from work, while others may require more downtime. I want each patient to be fully informed regarding all aspects of her surgery, so I'll provide plenty of insight into what you can expect post-procedure so you can plan accordingly.

Following surgery, I instruct my breast revision patients to wear a specialized surgical bra, similar to a sports bra, for about a week. After this point, most patients are able to switch to soft, non-underwire bras. I suggest that patients sleep in these bras to offer the breasts extra support throughout the night, especially if you frequently shift positions while you sleep. In most cases, the use of underwire bras can be resumed after about 6 months. If Strattice is used during the revision, I also have patients use a compression strap or ACE wrap for 4-6 weeks, to stabilize the implants.

Although regular movement is important for promoting healing following surgery, exercise should be avoided for at least 1 month. After the 1-month mark, I recommend resuming low-impact cardio, such as walking, to rebuild strength and fitness, gradually working up to your normal routine. Be careful not to strain yourself or undergo any activities before you feel ready. It's better to take a few weeks off from the gym than to hurt yourself or alter your surgical results.

Just as they did after your initial augmentation, your new implants will need some time to settle into their eventual positions. They may initially appear tight, round, or situated too high on your chest. Over the coming weeks, swelling will diminish and they will adopt a more natural-looking shape and placement. Patience and good postoperative care are crucial during this time.

Your long-term results after revisionary breast surgery at my Scottsdale practice can last for many years with proper follow-up care.

The information on this page should serve as a general overview for what most patients can expect following breast augmentation revision surgery. During your consultation and subsequent preoperative appointments, I'll provide you with more detailed instructions for caring for yourself after surgery to ensure a comfortable, uneventful recovery and long-term success.

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