Tuberous Breast Surgery

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Tuberous breasts can cause a woman to feel self-conscious and insecure about her appearance. Patients with tuberous breasts generally have the following issues with their breasts which usually occur during breast development: wide spaced and "pointy" looking breasts, enlarged and "puffy" areolas, and high, tight creases under the breasts with overhanging skin. A skilled plastic surgeon with specialized training can improve or correct this condition through tuberous breast surgery. Dr. Robert Cohen helps women with this often embarrassing condition to achieve the fuller, rounder, more naturally shaped breasts that they desire.

Request a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Cohen and learn why patients from throughout the United States come to the Phoenix area for tuberous breast surgery at his practice.

Dr. Robert Cohen: Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Tuberous Breast Correction from Dr. Cohen

Tuberous breasts develop abnormally due to tight breast skin and an abnormally high inframammary fold (breast crease). During the growth phase of breasts during puberty, the breast is unable to fill out properly because it is constrained by the skin and the inframammary fold. Breasts become narrow and tube-shaped instead of full and round.

Tubular breasts also appear high on the chest and are often very widely spaced. Another characteristic of tuberous breasts is oversized, puffy looking areolas. This is caused by the developing breast tissue being squeezed through the constricted, tube-shaped skin into the thinner skin of the nipple and areola. Tuberous breasts may be symmetrical, but are often asymmetrical in appearance. Tuberous breasts occur along a spectrum with patients exhibiting mild, moderate and severe symptoms depending on the individual.

Correcting tuberous breasts is extremely challenging, and it requires a high degree of experience and training. At my Scottsdale practice, I have performed this procedure for numerous women with varying degrees of the disorder. I view each of my breast surgery patients as unique, and each of their procedures represents a patient-specific challenge. With tuberous breast surgery, my goals are to:

  • Lower the inframammary fold to a normal position
  • Expand the lower breast skin and tissue
  • Reduce the areola size to a normal diameter
  • Create round, natural appearing breasts with appropriate cleavage

Frequently I am able to do this in one procedure which involves internally scoring the breast tissue to allow for expansion, lowering the breast fold, tightening and raising the areola, and placing a breast implant. In some cases, where the skin is extremely tight, the surgery may be performed in stages.

For a personal discussion about tuberous breast surgery, request a consultation with Dr. Cohen, a highly trained breast surgeon whose skills have helped patients from throughout the Southwest and beyond.

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