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Your staff was FABULOUS!! I loved the anesthesiologist. He was truly lovely. He gets migraines like me and has very straight teeth. My very vague memories of the day of my procedure are all good. As I can remember, the nurses were very responsive to my medical and personal needs. I would refer practically every day others to your facility. I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Cohen and his staff. From start to finish I had an exceptionally positive experience. Dr. Cohen and the entire supporting staff exceeded my expectations. I might be your #1 fan. In all seriousness, tremendous team work. I tell everybody that I am one million percent satisfied. Thank you.


All the staff is professional and put me at ease with kindness and a few laughs. This is the first time ever that I have not gotten sick from anesthesia. Awesome job! I would 100% refer others to your facility. I found the entire staff to be very friendly and welcoming. I am thus far very pleased with the experience and results.


I was so nervous when I came in on the day of my surgery. Everyone was very friendly and explained everything to help ease my nerves. The anesthesiologist was so nice. I felt very comfortable after meeting him knowing he was going to be there during the procedure. The nurses were very responsive to my medical and personal needs and I will definitely refer others to your facility. I am very pleased with my results. My breasts look amazing and look and feel very natural. Not even my best friend could tell I got them done. She commented to be one day, "Wow your boobs look great in that shirt! Where did you get that shirt?" I'm still laughing that she is running off to buy the "magic" shirt!


Every one of your staff was extremely nice, and I always felt welcomed. The anesthesiologist was amazing. He took the time to carefully explain everything and made me feel at ease. The nurses were very nice and attentive to all of my needs. I already have referred others to you and I will continue to do so! Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy with my new look, I finally feel complete!


Dr. Cohen's entire staff is consistently professional, competent, and courteous. The anesthesiologist had great bedside manner. He was knowledgeable and funny, which helped to calm my nerves. The nurses were friendly as well, and answered all of my questions. I would absolutely recommend others to your facility! I have already spoken to many women who are interested in consulting with Dr. Cohen. I am extremely satisfied with the results of the breast augmentation I had. I knew after my initial consultation with Dr. Cohen that I was in good hands, but my entire experience, from pre-op to recovery, far exceeded my expectations! Dr. Cohen is a master in his field and a wonderful, caring doctor.


Your staff was wonderful and friendly. From the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable. The anesthesiologist answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. The nurse was very attentive and caring. All my pre and post surgery needs were met. I would absolutely refer others to your facility and have already mentioned Dr. Cohen to several family members and friends. I'm thinking we should make up bumper stickers that say something like, "Caution: Booking with Dr. Cohen will make you fall in love with you again!!!" Thanks again all!!! I couldn't be happier with the entire process from start to finish!!


I always felt very comfortable around the staff. They were professional, competent and courteous. I was so happy to see Mary when she stopped by – you're all so great! Rebecca, the nurse, was great before surgery and answered all my questions and concerns. I have already been spreading the word about how great I feel and look and how amazing your facility and staff are. Thank you so much Dr. Cohen, Mary, Cassey, Bri and Rebecca (I think I got everyone). You're all so great and made my surgery as enjoyable as it could be. You're all so great and I can't thank you enough for all your help!

Thanks Again!

Your staff was very professional, welcoming and helpful. They had great attitudes. Anesthesia was my biggest concern of the surgery but the anesthesiologist made me feel very comfortable, and less scared. I loved my nurse's personality. She made me feel at ease, and less nervous before surgery. She was very nice. I will definitely recommend others to your facility. Dr. Cohen is very professional. I think he did a wonderful job on my breast augmentation. I'm sure I will get lots of compliments and will refer him. Thank you to the SCPS staff. Thanks Dr. Cohen, you did great. I'm healing well and just can't wait to see the final results!

Thanks again!

I couldn't ask for a better staff. They were very kind and made me very comfortable and eased my anxiety. The anesthesiologist was very kind as well—very professional and put me at ease. The nurses were very much responsive to all of my needs! All my personal needs were met and they exceeded any of my expectations. They were very relaxed. I definitely will recommend others to your facility! I am pleased with the natural look and modest size. I feel anyone could benefit without the fear of looking unnatural! I am so very pleased with the entire staff before and after surgery. Dr. Cohen made me feel very comfortable and I trusted him 100%. Dr. Cohen is an excellent communicator with kindness and understanding. He is a very gifted surgeon, I am very grateful. Thank you to your entire staff!


I fell in love with your staff the moment I walked in the door. They appeared professional, competent and very courteous. The anesthesiologist explained everything thoroughly and made me feel comfortable. All the nurses were very personable. I already have referred others to this facility. I think everyone in your facility does an amazing job at making patients feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you so much.


The staff absolutely appeared professional, competent and courteous. The office staff is exceptional! Cassy and Bri are so helpful and accommodating. They truly care about the patients and the practice. Even when calling with an appointment reminder, they always ask me how I'm feeling, how things are going, etc.

I cannot say enough about your staff! They are just wonderful. They were always available to help me with any questions or concerns I may have, even the smallest things. They always replies to e-mails or messages in a very timely manner. They do everything they can to help me and make sure I am comfortable and feel cared for. Mary even called me, just to see how I'm feeling. They came to visit in the recovery room, to check on me. They are so kind and compassionate - truly sweethearts! I absolutely love your staff!!

Dr. Gunn, the anesthesiologist was wonderful! He has a calm demeanor about him, which really put me at ease. He was very caring and gentle. His IV stick was the best I've ever had. I hardly felt it and it barely left a bruise. You couldn't even see it a few days after surgery. I loved his wit and charm. He really made me feel comfortable and helped me calm my nerves. I also appreciated him putting my IV in and giving me meds before taking me into the OR. By the time I got to the table, I was almost out and very relaxed.

Jonna, the nurse, did an exceptional job taking care of me. I was really nervous upon arrival but once I met her, I felt much better. She is very friendly and helpful. She took time to explain things to me and answer any questions I had. She was very attentive in the recovery room. She took great care of me!

I ABSOLUTELY would refer others to your facility! 1000 times over! I have and will continue to refer people to Dr. Cohen! I cannot say enough about him! Amazing, wonderful, kind, caring, compassionate...there just aren't enough words. I knew from the moment I met him, that he was the surgeon for me. I felt an immediate and overwhelming sense of safety and security in his presence. I felt very comfortable with him. I've never had a physician/patient relationship where I felt so cared for. He is highly skilled in his field, a true artist and a perfectionist. He is very confident in his ability, which in turn, makes you even more confident in him. He is very thorough, and explains everything in detail. He leaves no stone unturned. His concern for his patients is clearly seen. His bedside manner is superb! I know he always has my best interest at heart. I trust him completely! My results are AMAZING! Dr. Cohen is my HERO! I absolutely LOVE him! He and his staff are like family to me.


Dear Dr. Cohen,
It is with sincere gratitude that I write you this letter of appreciation for the excellent job in which you handled my case as well as the results of my procedure.

As you know, I came to you with an extremely complicated situation. I had a breast augmentation 22 years ago. A year ago, I decided it was time for a revision. As a career professional, I pride myself in my ability to do research and arrive at sound decisions. It was suggested to me that I look outside of the United States to have my surgery. At first, I was adamantly against the idea. Then I started researching the idea and, after several months of thorough investigation which included interviews and recommendations, I made a decision to have my surgery done in Costa Rica. Within a month following surgery, I knew there was something not quite right. I immediately contacted the surgeon via email and was told to wait 6 months. They assured me that, if additional surgery was needed, they would take care of it. I contacted the surgeon 10 months after my surgery and emailed photos of the obvious problems; at which time, I was told that they could do no more for me. As you can imagine, I was devastated. I had no recourse whatsoever and, at that point, no desire to leave the country and pursue the situation with the surgeon who displayed such a lack of professionalism, integrity and skill.

I made the decision to start looking into surgeons in Phoenix. After researching the internet and reviewing publications, I made an appointment with your office for a consultation. One of the strongest points of interest to me before meeting you and your team was your website. In my opinion, it is the most comprehensive of all websites I have researched. Not only do the photos speak for themselves, but the knowledge that you analyze each patient as to their individual needs and tailor your surgical techniques accordingly, helped bolster my confidence in your skills and creative approach. Additionally, your testimonials and surveys spoke volumes of you and your entire staff.

Right from the start your knowledge and professionalism impressed me. You acknowledged my "complex" case but assured me that you would be able to perform the surgery necessary to see marked improvement. You were also careful to thoroughly explain all the medical possibilities. As you know, my research did not stop there; due to my past experience, I had many concerns. Through patience and understanding, both you and your staff answered all my questions and gently carried me through the decision-making process.

Although my situation has proven to be as "complex" as you had stated it would be, you and your entire team have been by my side the entire time. I am 49 years old and in my lifetime I have had many surgical and medical procedures. I can honestly say I have never been more impressed with a medical professional as I have been with you. Business is business, but, setting that aside, your bedside manner is the best I have ever encountered. Your artistic ability only enhances your surgical teclmiques. In the consultation period, at one point you stated, "until I get inside of your breast I won't know exactly what I am going to encounter so you are going to have to trust in my experience and judgment" which I did, and have never regretted. Every doctor and surgeon makes choices and decisions on a daily basis - but not always the right ones. In my case, you have made the right choices EVERY time.

It has been quite the journey thus far. The most important thing I have learned is the importance of using a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. I would like to share with you the fact that I would, will, and have recommended you to anyone wanting or requiring plastic surgery. You have completely restored my faith in what a medical professional is and how plastic surgery can be a very positive influence in a person's life.

The follow-up both you had extended reach far and beyond what I would have expected - I know without a doubt that this journey we have embarked upon is ours together and that you are a man of integrity, a professional who stands 100% behind his work. The care and concern you have for each of your patients is evident and is immeasurable. You have addressed all unexpected situations that arose and have made yourself and your staff available as needed. You made me feel like I am your number one concern. It is important to me that you know how much that means to me as your patient as I am sure it does to your other patients.

I would also like to express my gratitude to your staff for their tremendous support, continuous assistance, reassurance, and advice. Their sincerity and dedication to your patients is to be commended - truly the best I have encountered in any medical office. Your team reflects your persona and I am an advocate for life.

Words may seem trite, but please know this message comes from the bottom off my heart. The results of my surgery are not only aesthetically amazing, but your demeanor in remedying a very complex situation with your skill, patience, and determination will be forever appreciated. Thank you!


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