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As a renowned specialist in breast surgery, including breast augmentation, for Phoenix and Scottsdale area women, Dr. Robert Cohen is often called upon by the news media as an authority on these and other procedures. By sharing the latest news and videos, we hope to help women be more informed about their breast enhancement and body contouring options.

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ABC VideoDr. Cohen discusses Gummy Bear Implants with CBS 5 News

In this video, CBS 5 News interviews Dr. Cohen about the latest trend in breast augmentation, the "Gummy Bear" implants. Dr. Cohen, one of the first plastic surgeons to use the Gummy Bear implant, discusses the long term benefits of using this recently FDA approved implant. Watch Video »

ABC VideoMommy Makeover Can Restore That Pre-Baby Body

In this video clip from ABC 15, Dr. Cohen discusses the increasingly popular Mommy Makeover. Typically combining two procedures such as tummy tuck and breast augmentation for Phoenix and Scottsdale area women, Dr. Cohen achieves these moms' goals in a single surgery. Watch Video »

ABC VideoBounce Back After Baby with Mommy Makeover

Sometimes, diet and exercise aren't enough to help women bounce back after pregnancy, so more mothers are discovering the Mommy Makeover in Arizona. In this video clip from CBS 5, Dr. Cohen offers his views on this popular procedure, which usually includes body contouring and breast enhancement. Watch Video »

Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery

Modern Beauty VideoPlastic surgery is not just about outward appearances – it's also about expressing your inner beauty and vitality. This video features Allison, a 55 year old Arizona mom who turned to Dr. Cohen's cosmetic surgery practice near Phoenix to help her regain her pre-pregnancy look through a "mommy makeover." These makeovers are carefully tailored to each woman's needs, combining such procedures as body contouring and breast enhancement. Watch Video »

Samantha's Breast Lift

Modern Beauty VideoThough just a teenager, Samantha struggled with excess weight for much of her life before deciding to improve her health and her looks. After losing over 50 pounds, she was left with drooping, sagging breasts as an unwelcome reminder of her former self. In this clip, Dr. Cohen discusses her options for breast enhancement cosmetic surgery. Phoenix-area women who have lost weight often need a breast lift to restore a more youthful breast position. Watch Video »

Beautiful Breast Augmentation in Phoenix

Modern Beauty VideoPractically everyone has heard the term "boob job" to describe a very large and obviously fake breast enlargement. In this video, Dr. Cohen describes how he uses his training and experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon to skillfully sculpt and contour his patients' breasts, creating a naturally round and full appearance that better compliments a woman's figure. Dr. Cohen offers the latest implant options, including silicone gel and saline. Watch Video »

Sarah's Breast Augmentation

Modern Beauty VideoA nurse at a hospital and plastic surgery center, Sarah got to know Dr. Cohen and trusted him to perform her breast augmentation in Phoenix. In this video, you can get a glimpse into Sarah's post-surgical consultation with Dr. Cohen just 2 days after surgery and learn more about why she chose him for her procedure. "I never expected that I would bounce back like this," says Sarah, who is extremely pleased with her results. Watch Video »

Press Releases

Breast Augmentation Patients Benefit From FDA Decision, Specialist Says

The FDA recently approved a new kind of silicone gel breast implant, increasing the number of options for women interested in breast augmentation. Phoenix-area plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen says more choice is a great thing for patients...
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Breast Augmentation Surgeon near Phoenix Comments on FDA Study Affirming Safety of Implants

Dr. Robert Cohen, a breast augmentation surgeon near Phoenix, comments on the recent announcement that the FDA affirmed the safety of breast implants...
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