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Breast Augmentation Surgeon near Phoenix Comments on FDA Study Affirming Safety of Implants

Dr. Robert Cohen, a breast augmentation surgeon near Phoenix, comments on the recent announcement that the FDA affirmed the safety of breast implants. Paradise Valley, Arizona (October 2011) - While breast implants have long been used to augment the breasts, the FDA recently released a study affirming the safety of implants. Dr. Robert Cohen, a breast augmentation surgeon near Phoenix, says that the results that he experiences with his patients confirms that study. Dr. Cohen offers both silicone and saline implants at his practice for women who desire larger, fuller breasts.

"In a recent FDA study, silicone breast implants were pronounced safe by the chief scientist for the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices," states Dr. Cohen. "The results that I see with my patients reflect this finding. Not only are they safe devices that help improve overall body contours of my female patients, my patients are happy with their results and love how natural these implants look and feel."

While the study acknowledges that there are some instances where complications arise from breast implants, the FDA announcement indicates that silicone implants are safe for women. At Dr. Cohen's practice, women frequently choose silicone breast implants for a more natural look and feel. Also, for a more natural look, silicone implants are generally placed under the pectoralis muscle.

"Most of my patients elect to have their implants placed underneath the chest muscle, for a natural look and shape," Dr. Cohen explains. "Because they have options for the type of implant, placement, and incision method, women can create the breast shape that they want and desire. When they come to my practice wanting a breast augmentation near Scottsdale, I meet with them for a consultation and discuss their options such as implant location, incision method, type of implant used, size, textures, and profiles."

As an experienced breast enlargement surgeon near Phoenix, Dr. Cohen offers his patients several options for breast enhancement. He also regularly combines breast augmentation with other breast enhancement procedures, such as a breast lift surgery. With these procedures, women can improve their confidence in their bodies.

"I enjoy helping women restore their self-esteem," says Dr. Cohen. "Now that the FDA has given their final seal of approval for silicone breast implants, I believe that more women will feel confident in the decision to explore their options when it comes to breast enhancement."

To learn more, request a consultation online or call (480) 423-1973 to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen welcomes patients from all over Arizona, as well as other states and countries.

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